This book is for those who love conspiracy theories and comic books in general. And as far as we know it is the first original novella of this kind in Latvia. It is about world conspiracy that leads mankind to apocalypse, and two playful Latvian girls happen to get involved in it. Cunning Illuminati are trying to save mankind from operpopulation with the help of powerful weapon from Riga’s catacombs. But Illuminati don’t even know that they will face two young feminists who maybe are not able to destroy their plans totally but still can significantly correct them.

You will learn a lot of new and interesting facts about history of Riga and its ancient legends, specifically, about the lost gold of the Tamplers, about Saint Kristap and horrendous prophecy of monster that lives somewhere under the dark waters of the Daugava river. The novella is unique as it is based on real urban legends that are linked, in the most frightening way, with crucial issues and events of modern times, in accordance with conspirology traditions. Readers can become not only witnesses but also participants of breathtaking plot as all the charm of conspiracy theories is in their interpretation and nobody knows for sure how threads of the world conspiracy are entwined. Nobody, except maybe goddess Laima who holds in her hands a clew of yarn that is a symbol of fate.

As usual, the story has a hidden agenda. The novella aims not only to promote comic books in Latvia and to open new market segment for writers and readers but also to represent Latvia and Latvian authors in the world of comic books where so far they were heard of very rarely, if were heard of at all. It is always difficult to begin but we hope that our modest contribution to common goal will be for good. And of course, dear readers, you can participate in this and to help us as well.